PiMaster vs Serial Port?

Started by tsarna


The description of the PiMaster says it connects via SPI, but from the schematic it looks like the Pi serial port is also connected to the STM32F042. Is it still possible to use the serial port on a pi with a PiMaster, or is this going to cause problems?


Yes, the PiMaster is also connected to the Serial port of the Raspberry Pi (pins BCM 14 and 15). This gives you access to a debugging console on the raspberry Pi, running at 115200 bauds (eg. type screen /dev/ttyAMA0 115200, but note that it is a bit fiddly on the latest Raspberry Pi 3).

If this is an issue for you and if you have a STM32 SWD programmer, I could probably send you a modified version of the firmware that does not have the serial enabled.

Note that PiMaster also uses the following pins:

  • BCM 8, 9, 10, 11 for SPI.
  • BCM 22 and 25 for interrupts (CANbus messaging).
  • BCM 19 for PiMaster boot mode selection (currently unused, can be disabled by cutting jumper trace)
  • BCM 26 for a hard reset of the PiMaster (currently unused).


Hi, thanks for your quick response!

It turns out the hardware I wanted to interface with on the serial port doesn't really do what I want, so I'll be going in a different direction for that part of the project and this won't be an issue for me.