We have forums!

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We have forums for users of the NoCAN platform!

Come here to share your issues, ideas and more, to help other users in the community.

You can use Markdown to write posts here.

If you find a bug or an issue with the forum, please contact support(at)omzlo.com.


Checked with (old) safari and latest firefox on mac and both complain about cert being for "www.omzlo.com".

Also wget https://omzlo.com gives:

ERROR: certificate common name “www.omzlo.com” doesn’t match requested host name “omzlo.com”.

You either want a wildcard cert from Let’s Encrypt or another one for "omzlo.com".

There could be a DNS setting that can do redirects for you as well but am not sure, I usually get a wildcard or individual certs for all sub domains.


Works now!

For the search engines you can also do a redirect to the "www" sub domain.

You won't get penalised for having duplicated content.